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Take control of your data, protect your privacy!

Cyber Security Boot Camp

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5 Best Practices


1. Caution Before Using Public Wi-Fi

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If you must connect, verify the official Wi-Fi name with an employee of the shop to avoid similarly named hotspots from malicious hackers. Avoid signing into private accounts including your email or bank. Use an encrypted virtual private network or VPN for added protection.

2. Double Check for HTTPS On Websites

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When the website address does not begin with HTTPS, there’s no guarantee the information transferred between you and the site’s server is secure.

3. Turn Off Bluetooth

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Devices can be hacked via Bluetooth and your private information stolen. If there’s no reason to have your Bluetooth on, disable it!

4. Don't Slack on Your Passwords

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Use strong passwords with a mix of Upper- and Lower-Case Letters, numbers, and symbols - The longer the better. Update passwords at least every 3 months.

5. Email in Doubt? SPAM it Out!

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If an email seems suspicious, don’t open it. It may be a phishing scam, asking you to provide personal identifying information. Don’t click any attachments or links, which can infect your device.


How to Use This Kit

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Microphone Blocker

Microphone blockers disable the internal microphone of your smartphone, laptop, or tablet by tricking your device into believing an external microphone is connected. The device acts as a new input of audio, effectively muting all outside sounds such as your voice from being data logged or leaked to potential listeners – Artificial Intelligence or Human.

Use Cases:

  • To avoid getting advertisements related to your conversations
  • To prevent accidental callers (such as “butt-dial”) from hearing your speech.
  • To ensure that your microphone is muted on a conference call.

It’s easy to check if the microphone blocker is working. Open your phone’s recording app such as Voice Memos. Press record. Without the blocker, you can see raised sound waves once you start talking. However, with the blocker plugged in, the recording will stay as a flat line sound wave.


NOTE: To also disable your Phone's Voice Assistant, go to your Settings Menu


  1. Open the Settings app on your Iphone
  2. Select Siri & Search
  3. At the top, toggle off Listen for "Hey Siri". 

Google Assistant
1. Open the Google app on your phone. 2. Tap your profile picture in the upper-
right corner.
3. Select Settings.
4. Find and open the Google Assistant
5. Open “Access your Assistant”. 6. Toggle off Google Assistant.
Amazon Alexa
1. Open the Alexa app on your phone. 2. Tap Menu (three lines in a row at the
top of the screen).
3. Tap Settings (three lines in a row at the
bottom of the screen).
4. Under “Settings for Voice Services,”
tap “Enabled services.”
5. Scroll down and tap “Alexa.”
6. Toggle off “Enabled” and tap Save


Webcam Cover

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A cyber criminal can gain control of your phone or computer webcam and spy on you through it. Using a webcam cover protects against these webcam hacks because the lens is covered, blocking their view of you.
USB Data Blocker
A USB data blocker allows you to plug into public charging ports, such as at an airport, and foreign computers safely. The data blocker has no data pins and acts as a shield against “juice jacking” where bad guys can transfer malware through a USB, and extract your sensitive data including photos and saved passwords without your knowledge.

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RFID and NFC Blocking Card

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Contact-less bank cards contain a microchip linked to an antenna and are vulnerable to attack. RFID skimming is when a thief with an RFID reader picks up details of credit and debit cards in
a matter of seconds simply by walking within a few feet of you.

In your wallet, group your cards with chips together and next to this Blocking Card. Instead of just blocking attempts to steal your information the way RFID blocking wallets do, RFID blocking cards are actively working by sending out a signal to scramble skimming devices.



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