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Crafters Paper Lamp Instructions

Get Glowing With this DIY Floral Lamp Kit and Votive

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  1. In a craft-friendly container, combine 1/2 cup of water with the entire contents of the glue provided.
  2. Inflate the balloon to about 6 in/15 cm and tie it securelly.
  3. Starting at the bottom of the balloon, begin attaching the tissue paper pieces to the balloon using the brush and glue mixture. Layer them slightly to eliminate any gaps and add a touch more glue when they are in place.

    Continue this technique until you reach the top, leaving some space around the knot.

  4. Carefully press the flowers onto the first layer, then using the remaining paper/ glue mixture, create an outer layer to encompass them.

    Pro tip: use the glue sparingly on the flowers to prevent bleeding.

  5. Hang the balloon in cool, dry area overnight.
  6. When completely dry and hardened, puncture and remove the balloon from the paper shell.

    Cut the top edges evenly, and place the votive inside to enjoy your daisy paper lamp!



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