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General Rainbowmaker Questions


The performance of the RainbowMaker can be influenced by various factors:


The position and direction of the solar panel to incoming
sunlight are crucial for optimal results. Placing it on an outward-facing
window where it can directly capture sunlight is essential for projecting
rainbows effectively.

Make sure there is nothing blocking the sun from hitting the solar panel and
crystal. Even though sunlight is streaming through the window, a branch,
window frame, roof or even a cloud can block the light.

It's important to note that double-paned windows or tinted glass may hinder
UV light penetration, affecting the solar panel's efficiency.

You can also hang the RainbowMaker from a string using the hooks on the back of the solar panel.

If you own the Standing RainbowMaker, it should be positioned on a
windowsill or shelf that receives plenty of direct sunlight.

Time of Year

Changes in sunlight intensity occur throughout the year due
to the Earth's tilt and orbit around the sun. Winter days and locations
further from the equator have fewer daylight hours, while atmospheric
conditions can also impact sunlight intensity.

Time of Day

The angle of the sun changes throughout the day, affecting
its ability to shine through windows. For example, at noon, when the sun is
high, direct sunlight may not enter your window, but in the afternoon, when
the angle is lower, sunlight is more likely to illuminate the room.


Check the solar panel for any dust or debris that may be blocking
its function. Clean the panel and crystal carefully with a soft cloth if


On cloudy days, the sunlight may provide less energy to activate
your crystal. Please be patient and wait for sunny conditions before
attempting again.

Before contacting Kikkerland Support, test the turning of the crystal next to
an artificial light with the power of 40,000 LUX (the same light as a sunny day)


For further assistance, watch our instructional video for valuable insights and techniques.

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