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General Rainbowmaker Questions


  My Rainbowmaker is not working? What should I do?

Your Rainbowmaker may not be making its magical Rainbows for a few reasons, the usual suspects are:

-Lack of light

-Crystal gear jam

-Dust and Debris on solar panel

Check out this video for tips and tricks on how to get your Rainbowmaker casting its magic rainbows:


Does the RainbowMaker need to be in direct sunlight?

The RainbowMaker only works when direct sunlight hits the crystal!

Place your Rainbowmaker in a window that you know will receive a ton of direct sunlight.

If you have The Standing Rainbowmaker you should be placed it window sill or shelf that gets strong, direct sunlight.


My Rainbowmaker crystal stopped spinning, what should I do?

Sometimes your Rainbowmaker crystal may get stuck, it is a rare, yet tragic occurrence.

Don't worry too much! Just give the crystal a gentle twist clockwise. It should continue spinning on its own.



My Rainbowmaker is not sticking to my window, is there anything I can do?

Sometimes, changes in weather will cause the RainbowMaker to un-stick from your window. The suction cup relies on atmospheric pressure to help it stay stuck!

Cold weather and cold windows can make it harder for the Rainbowmaker suction to seal. Try waiting until the weather or window warms up before sticking again to prevent damage to the RainbowMaker.


Rainbowmakers suction cup pro-tip:

1. Turn on your sink. Make the temperature warm, not hot.

2. Carefully run the warm water down the suction cup of your Rainbowmaker. Try not to get your Rainbowmaker wet.

3. Turn off your sink. Shake off the excess water droplets from your Rainbowmaker.

4. Firmly press your Rainbowmaker onto your window.


My Rainbowmaker is dusty, what should I do?

Your Rainbowmaker works best when it is free from all dust and debris! If your Rainbowmaker is dirty, wipe it off with a damp paper towel.


What time of day does the Rainbowmaker work best?

The RainbowMaker usually works best between 11 am and sunset. That is when the sun is the brightest!


Does the Rainbowmaker work on all windows?

The Rainbowmaker works best on windows with direct sun exposure, the sunnier the better! The Rainbowmaker does not work on windows with protective UV coating.


How many LUX does my Rainbowmaker need to work?

Your Rainbowmaker needs at least 40,000 LUX to make its magical rainbows!

LUX are a way of measuring light intensity.




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