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How do I play Football-In-A-Tin?

Players take turns (possessions) rolling the dice and moving their offense using the chart below, following standard football rules for downs, scoring, etc.

  • 3 Fumble - Flip Yardage Chip x 1 Die
  • 4 Quarterback Sack- Flip Yardage Chip
  • 5 No Gain
  • 6 Gain on Pass - Flip Yardage Chip
  • 7 Incomplete Pass
  • 8 Gain on Run - Flip Yardage Chip
  • 9 No Gain
  • 10 Defense Penalty - 5 Yards
  • 11 Interception - Flip Yardage Chip x 1 Die

Roll to see who gets the ball first — the higher dice roll gets posession. Begin on your own 20-yard line. Roll the regular dice and follow the chart above. Flip the Yardage Chip when instructed. When a 3 or 11 is rolled, flip the Yardage Chip and roll 1 die, then multiply them. For example, an interception is made, the defense flips a 5 on the Yardage Chip and rolls a 4 on a die for a 20 yard interception return. If the offense scores a touchdown or decides to punt, the other team will begin on their own 20-yard line. Use pegs to keep track of down and distance, and a pencil for scoring. Use a soft cloth or your fingertip to erase the score boxes to begin a new game. First player to 4 touchdowns is the winner, or time your games for longer play. For added fun, on an extra sheet of paper use your favorite football team and track statistics. Try keeping track of touchdown passes for your quarterback, touchdowns by your running back or sacks for your defense.

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