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How do I play my Kalimba?

Tuning instructions

1. Get your tuning hammer and a tuner. (Download a tuning app if you don't have a tuner!)

2. Start by plucking the center key and looking at your tuner.

3. If the tuner says the note is sharp, tap your key downward, If your note reads as flat tap your key upward.

4. Repeat with all keys!

Pro Tip: If you do not have a tuning hammer you can use your fingers, you might have to losen the screw to move your keys around.


Tips for practice

1. Play the keys that correspond with the lyrics.

2. Make sure you play the right note when there is a little dot above the number.

3. Play with nails is easier and could sound better.

4. Once you can play the melody pretty well you can start adding harmonizing notes. Most times the uneven numbered keys go well together and so do the even ones. A bit of trial and error goes a long way. Plus you can watch videos online for inspiration.

Pro Tip: Put the Kalimba on a flat sturdy surface when you are playing to get the best sound.




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