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How do I play Dominoes. carabiner game?

Double Six Dominoes Rules

2-4 players


CONTENTS: 28 dominoes, 1 score pad, 1 pencil



There are lots of dominoes games to play, this is one variation for you to try. The aim of this game is to play all your dominoes first to win, or get the lowest points by the end of play.



1. Place the dominoes face down on a flat surface and shuffle them up.

2. Each player selects 7 dominoes, sets them on their side, to keep the values concealed from the other players. If there are any left, the remainder go in a draw pile.



1. The player with the highest double places it down to start the game.

2. Play continues clockwise and the next player lays a domino with the matching value next to the first domino. Make sure corresponding values are always touching. You must play a domino if you are able to do so.

3. Continue playing tiles in a straight line unless it's a double (matching numbers on both ends) which is laid at 90 degrees to the rest of the line.

4. If you don't have a match at either end, pick a domino from the pile and keep it concealed.

  • It must be played immediately if it's a match.
  • If it's not a match, the player adds the domino to their pile and play moves to the next player.
  • If there are no dominoes in the pile, miss a turn.

5. The first player to lay all their dominoes wins the game and scores zero. The rest of the players total the number of dots on their remaining dominoes and records the score on the pad. Or the game ends if everybody has to pass. In this instance, all players total of the number of dots on their remaining dominoes and the lowest score wins.

Usually, a series of games are played and whoever has the least points at the end of the series, wins the match.

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