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How do I make my own music box?

First of all get our Make Your Own Music Box Kit! Then follow these directions: 


1. Fix the bracket (4) onto the base (5) with 2 screws (A). Fix the bearer (2) onto the base with 2 screws (A), and don’t fix the screws tightly.

Asset 1.png



2. Insert the shaft of drum (8) onto the backstop (1), and put it into the groove of the base (5). Then fix the screws to fasten the bearer (2).

Asset 2.png



3. Put the crank (9) into bracket (4) and cover with the pressing plate (3). Then fix it with 3 screws (B).

Asset 3.png



4. Put the comb (7) onto the base. And adjust the position of the comb until the first pin and the last pin of comb are aligned with the ends of the drum’s body. Then fix the combs with 2 screws (C).

Asset 4.png



5. Put the finished music box onto the sound box (10), turn the crank and enjoy the music!

Asset 5.png


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