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I lost the instructions for my Embroidery Kit!

Lost your diagram?

Refer to this article:  I Lost my Embroidery Kit Design !

Need some tips on using your thread? Check out this article.


Lost your instructions for the Embroidery Kit?

Follow this helpful guide:

Each Kit Includes:

• Color threads
• 3" Bamboo hoop frame
• 4.3" square canvas to stitch on
• 1 Needle
• 1 Pattern

Tips for Getting Started:

Secure fabric in the hoop
• Separate the inner and outer rings of the hoop by turning the screw
• Center the fabric in the middle of the ring and pull fabric taut
• Keep fabric smooth while tightening the screw into place
• Maintain a smooth fabric surface while stitching by re-tightening fabric when needed


Separate the threads

• Each thread contains 6 strands. You must separate each color of thread and use 2 or 3 strands at a time in order to complete the pattern.

• Using individual strands will achieve smoother, neater stitches



1. Thread your needle
• Keep thread length to approximately 18"
• Thread that is too long may tangle or knot

• Thread that is too short will cause too much stopping and starting
Take your thread and feed it through the hole at the end of the needle, leaving the tail end loose. It
will be secured later.


2. Making a row of cross stitches
Work in rows going from left to right. Refer to your pattern to see where to start. From the back side of the fabric, bring your needle through a hole toward the front, leaving about an inch of thread sticking out at the back. Then pass the needle through a hole diagonally across from where you started to make a slanted half cross stitch (/).

Start your second half cross stitch by bringing the needle up through the hole that is directly below
the last one. Before you pull this stitch tight, flip your fabric over to the back and make sure the thread tail will be trapped by the new stitch.


Continuing stitching along the row to make a series of half cross stitches (////).

Once you complete the row, return across making a series of half cross stitches in the other direction (\\\\) making a full cross stitch.


3. Making individual cross stitches
To make an individual cross stitches simply follow the diagram below. Starting on 1 and following on from there.

4. Ending your thread
To end, pull your needle through the back side of the fabric, passing under at least three completed stitches to secure the thread. Trim the remaining thread.





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